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What is Introspective Hypnosis?

Our bodies have the ability to retain the impacts of suppressed negative emotions. The conscious mind safeguards us by storing these emotions deep within the subconscious, often making them challenging to address. These emotions can then surface through our physical, emotional, and mental well-being, sometimes without our awareness. For instance, unexplained illnesses, phobias, addictions, or harmful behaviors may stem from these buried emotions. Introspective Hypnosis aims to uncover these hidden emotions, whether from this lifetime or a past one. This process involves a collaborative effort between you and the practitioner to delve into your subconscious and release what has been concealed or restricted.

Introspective Hypnosis incorporates techniques such as:

● Ericksonian Hypnosis

● Forgiveness Therapy

● Role Change

● Past Life Regression

● Soul Entrapment

● Regression to the Womb

● Spirit Assistance, also known as Spirit Releasement

What is Jin Shin Acupressure?

Jin Shin is a healing art which came to the western world from the ancient oriental tradition of natural medicine. The words “Jin Shin” translates to “the compassionate being.”

Jin Shin is gentle and non-invasive. The treatments follow the ancient principles of oriental energy therapy, sharing many of the same concepts upon which acupressure is based. Jin Shin utilizes the life force that emanates from the fingertips, which, when applied with a very gentle but penetrating touch, supports rather than pushes the natural flow of the body’s energy. The person receiving the treatment is encouraged to relax, to subconsciously direct how the energy is used and to reflect upon the opportunity it brings. This supportive partnership enables the energy to circulate to whatever depth the person needs, accessing all levels of the energy flow.

Balancing Rocks

Mia, CO

“Julianne knows how to create a safe space, which allows you to totally relax and allow the healing to take place. I warmly
recommend a session with her.”

Jennifer, AL

"Julianne’s approach is compassionate, insightful and intuitive.  Navigating our session with an open mind gave my soul permission to journey far from home, visiting past lives and circumstances which needed revealing for transformation to occur in my present life.  She held space for me to feel at ease and safe, enabling me to remember once familiar settings, with once familiar beings and once familiar situations.  I was guided to explore and find clarity, giving me answers and profound messages.  I highly recommend this life-altering experience to anyone needing to heal, needing to find answers, ready to explore.  Thank you so much Julianne!"

Alisha, CO

"The session with Julianne was very illuminating. Issues that I was not expecting came up, and I truly feel like we healed parts of me that I didn't know needed healing. The state that I went into made everything so much clearer. It was amazing, and I can't wait to do it again! Julianne is so intuitive and makes you feel so safe. Thank you so much!"

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